Interview with Strawn Wilson – NPC Physique Competitor

23 Jul

Our very first blog post here at From Fit to Physique is an interview with Strawn Wilson from Wilsons  As you will see, Strawn is making his way to the stage for the 4th time next month in the Physique division and hopes to one day earn his Pro Card.  He’s a constant source of motivation inspiration on social media but most importantly, he empowers his clients through his Personal Training and Bootcamp.  Enjoy and share!

FFTP:  Tell us a little bit about how you got your start in fitness.

As a kid I would always look at my dad’s muscle magazines and I said that I wanted to be one of those guys when I grew up.  So you could say it’s in my genes.

FFTP:  I read you wrestled and played football correct?  At what age did all that start and how has been an athlete in these sports contributed to the person you are today?

I started wrestling, football, and baseball at an early age. Being an athlete early on definitely contributed significantly to the person that I am today. Physiology, Sports, Health/Wellness is my passion and the dedication, hard work, and discipline in those sports gave me the will and knowledge to start my own training business, Wilson’s Training.

FFTP:  When did you decide to enter the world of physique competitions?  Were there any special circumstances that got you thinking “THAT’S what I want to do!”

Striving to be the best is all I know. I am constantly challenging myself mentally and physically. Becoming a master & pro at my art is a dream that I will definitely make a reality!


FFTP:  How many competitions have you been in?  What was your experience like for your very first one?

I have competed in 3 shows. My first show was in November 2012 at the Mid-Atlantic Classic in Charlotte, NC. I placed 3rd.  My second show was the State Championships in March 2013 in High Point, NC, I placed 3rd, which qualified me for the Nationals. At Nationals in Charleston, SC in May 2013, I placed 9th, which is noticeable for my 3rd competition show to date.

FFTP:  Was there every any negative or perhaps some “not-so-positive” responses from family or friends when you said you were going to enter a bodybuilding competition?

As with everything in life, there are always going to be negative doubters, but nothings holds me back.  I choose focus on the positive and surround myself with my loyal supporters. My faith keeps me going, with Christ all things are possible. 

FFTP:  Do you have a desire to go Pro or is this more of a “bucket list” goal?

Yes I’m going after my PRO CARD!!!


You can start your week off with excuses or you can make things happen.

FFTP:  You mentioned on your website you host a bootcamp at a fitness center.  How rewarding has it been for you to train people in your community?

Extremely Rewarding. I love my crew! They inspire me and motivate me. The ladies in my bootcamp go hard in every session, they are creating lean & strong bodies and they don’t mind doing what it takes to get those results. I strive for a Healthy America, starting in my community is the obvious stepping stone to help in this goal.

FFTP:  As a Personal Trainer, what do you like most about your job?

I have amazing clients!! They work hard, push to themselves to the limits, and challenge their bodies. They inspire me!! Once a client turns on the switch that they are now living a Healthy Lifestyle not a fad I have succeeded. Seeing them get the results and starting to love their new bodies inside and out is awarding. 

FFTP:  Any downsides to being a Personal Trainer/owning your own business?

Time is the biggest downside. Building your own business and maintaining a business takes time away from family, but at the same time creating a successful business is something I am doing for my family.

FFTP:  I found you through social media (Twitter) but I see you use Instagram alot too.  Has that been beneficial for your business or do you just use it for personal reasons?

My usage of Social Media is to spread the message of health and fitness. If my daily journey on these sites inspires, encourages, and/or motivates anyone the purpose has been a success. I have gained new friends and clients through my different accounts.

FFTP:  If someone new decides to follow you, what can they expect to see from your Tweets and Pics?

Nutrition Tips, hard-core training and bootcamp sessions, and transformation stories of my client’s hard work and dedication to achieving their results. They will also see a glimpse of fitness in my family, my kids are my life and they are fitness beast just like their dad!

FFTP:  Lastly, for anyone out there reading this that is just getting started on their fitness journey, what advice/inspiring words/best fitness tip, would you give them?

CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP!!! Our bodies are stronger that we can ever imagine, push through the pain, sweat hard, You Can Do It!!!!! Remember we walk by faith not by sight!

photoMy faith keeps me going, with Christ all things are possible.

Thank you so much for this interview Strawn, our FIRST for this blog!  Definitely an inspiration for all of us regardless of our fitness journey!

Follow along as we continue to interview more male physique competitors in the coming weeks!

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